On tour with Peter Piek

Happy to announce that I´ll be doing a mini-tour with Peter Piek in the late summer. He is a German painter, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, author and performance artist. He lives in Leipzig as well as on concert and exhibtition tours in 3 continents and played and exhibited in more then 30 countries. He is well known for his unique voice, his unique style of painting, timeless songs and especially for his attempt of linking music and painting. Check out his site: www.peterpiek.com


The photo is taken by Mira Wickman.


Here are our scheduled dates:

3. september 2016 Hvaskjer, Melodica Festival, Oslo, NO

2. september 2016 Hvaskjer, Melodica Festival, Oslo, NO

23. august 2016 Uhørt, Oslo, NO

19. august 2016 Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Copenhagen, DK

18. august 2016 Melodica Festival, Aarhus, DK

15. august 2016 Tonfink, Lübeck, DE

14. august 2016 Olbers-Planetarium, Bremen, DE